Some time ago, I made a catch up with a close friend of mine that we used to attend the same elementary school many years ago. After a long chat we had, I came up with his news concerning his goals and approach to life during the gap that there was no connection an conversation between us due to the different priorities that we had set.
Well, Tasos Frangou, my friend, in his leisure practises photography for creativity and pleasure.
Below, it is a short descpription of his hobby plus a photo gallery with a part of his work!
For me, photography is great way for self -expression and improvement as well as a way to place some 'color' in an aesthetic manner. 
Hope you enjoy this post as an additional subject on my blog having to do with creativity as well Tasos devotion of time and content!  
"I am a photographer, among other things, based in Athens, Greece. While I have worked in a museum and the culture industry for nearly a decade, I also provide photographs to art students for dissertations and shoot various cultural events for Art schools and other clients. My style and approach is simple, bold, artistic, and true. My greatest talents are the ability to mix with any class of people and to get nervous subjects to relax in front of my camera. Lately, I have been studied surrealism, and that reflects on my latest projects. I would love to become a documentary photographer but I am still learning to capture reality without contaminating the story with my own aesthetic preferences."