Marriage  between two people with big difference in age the past years was a situation that the norms disapproved. As the society changes people also do so. Marriage with big age difference and gap generation is not a taboo anymore.
Men in their 60s are succesful, down to earth. in a good condition financially and they are looking for the thing that is missing from their lives: young and beautiful girls. They might have had one or more marriages in the past with then kids and now adults but they get intrigued by a girl in the age of their daughter.
On the other hand, a young and beautiful girl in her 20s and 30s "sells" her "qualifications" which is part of the game and part of "marketing" in order to give birth to her child and let it live in luxury and rich people connections. A girl and then a woman has as an ultimate goal to give birth and choose the most powerful financially and society wise man in order to secure and "reserve" a comfortable life for her children.
My opinion is that in this life we reach for what we are missing. We look for what we do not have in order to get satisfied. We choose to live an experience , because this is what life is about: experiences, according to our desires  and will. Some of us achieve to satify desires, some compromise and some are living with the hope to do so sometime during their lifetime. The issue is that I am neither against nor forth to this kind of situation. I would say that I am neutral and some kind indifferent. Each one of us has his/her own journey in this world and we should not blame anyone for his/her choices.
All in all, be yourself and concerning the way it is going to be is just details. Do not worry about the future because this kind of feeling absorbes, like the sponge drinks all the water, your positivity and thus this drives to lack of achieving your desires. Yours, A