FALL/WINTER 2015-2016

Summer ended nicely. We all charged our "batteries", we all enjoyed the sun and sea in different places around the world. Life goes on and still we need to get into the Fall/Winter mood wherever we are in the world.
 As for me, I added some extra activities on my daily life for self enrichment and motivation. Please let me share with you these activities, they may suit to some of you or achieve to give you some further ideas in order to get satisfaction during the coming year.
So, this is the list:
1. A bicycle on its way for making my life easier and avoid car parking.
2. Acqua aerobics at the closest swimming pool. (Apart from a holistic exercise, the warm water calms down the mind, body and skin)
3. Kick Boxing /Kung Fu classes.
4. My advanced jewelry design classes will keep filling two hours during afternoon weekdays.
5. Sewing machine classes to customize my wardrobe are already programmed and booked.
6. Spanish language as is at a primary stage  needs some attention and private classes start in October for me.
I think it is enough for a nice Fall dynamic entry!

Join me!