Fashion is moving forward in a fast pace.The ability of the style industry to "hear" the needs of each era and to satisfy them  directly brings power distinction, differentiation and gives an exclusive mark. During the last years I follow with great interest the big turn from fashion shows to street style: the manifestation of casual. Style is not a privilege of the elite, but on the other hand it is a prvilege of these who dare to ''play" and customize everyday outfits and treat themselves as unique individuals and human beings. The evolution of Instagram and not only helped teenagers all over the world to express themselves freely, to become daring and to 'destroy" the stylistic rules that used to be followed by the industry. The news is that differentiation and uniqueness is a privilege that someone has to be proud of. Girls achieve to give a turn their hobby to profession, to create blogs, to surf into the internet and to open new paths and broaden their horizons. Some super succesful bloggers like The Man Repelller and The Blonde Salad have achieved to "pass" their style and be visible and give the meaning of powerful existence to the strong and ''behind doors" world of Net A Porter. Back in 2005 I can clearly remember the difficulty of  getting the "golden ticket" to live the experience of a true fashion show in Milan Fashion Week. After 11 years everything is so exposed than ever... What's next?