"Ok , I'm out of bed-now what do I do?"

Nothing. First, we give body time to breathe. Then move. This is the best time to exercise. Rebounding first thing in the morning on a completely empty stomach is an ideal exercise for this lifestyle. Yoga, dance, or any other form of movement you prefer would certainly be fine as well. Try to take advantage of this moment of emptiness. What you used to perceive as a time of lack will start to be filled with the understanding that chi or Life Force Energy is another source of "food" for your body; as you stop needing caffeine or a heavy breakfast, you will start to feel realy good, peaceful, energized, and clear at this time while your systemis empty and quiet. We have been condtioned to see emptiness as a bad thing-as something that needs to be filled with outside substances. Instead, as the body becomes balanced and the energy flows better, you will actually come to enjoy the emptiness and see it as a fine and pleasant thing to be used to your advantage as you make decisions about your day, and your life, as you stretch and move your body without liquids or foods moving around inside you.
Then, when the body has a call for something we start with:
-Pure Water
-Vegetable Juices

What about lunchtime? The morning was great but now I am starting to get hungry.
Time to have your firs meal of the day. Lunch will be a big, raw vegetable salad topped with a whole avocado.
Alternatives or plus if not enough:
-Steamed Vegetables
-Baked sweet potato

Afternoon Snack:
Idea: A delicious Pumpkin Soup

Afterwards you could have more veggie juice.

Raw veggies are always safe-you could dip them into cleansinf dipping sauce like a fresh guacamole or salsa.

Getting early to bed is always a good idea!