Women tread a fine line when applying a scent; Spritz on too little, and you might as well be wearing nothing; pour on too much, and you may find co-workers  gasping for air. Here's how to choose a scent that suits you, and how to wear it well:
1. It is easy to reach sensory overload in the perfume aisle at adepartment store. Consider rounding up a batch a scent strips (or better yet, samples) and trying them at home before you buy. When sniffing, clear your head by sticking your nose in your sleeve or in a bag of coffee between strips (many stores now offer the beans).
2. Once you have identified a contender, dab just a bit on one or two places, like a wrist and the inside of the opposite elbow. It takes about ten minutes for the scent to mix with your skin chemistry, but also wait to see how it mellows or changes through the day. It is OK if it smells different at sundown-as long as you like the results.
3. To keep fragrance from simply wafting away the pros recommend layering it on-for example use the body wash in the shower paired with a few dabs of eau de parfum (a concentrated formula) or rub on the body lotion followed by the eau de toilette (a lighter spray). Just note that two layers is plenty; three is overskill. In general, anyone within arm's reach should be able to catch a subtle hint of your scent.
4. If you have spritzed yourself one or ten times too many, you don't have to jump in the shower. Alcohol or witch hazel dabbed on the wrist or any other bombed -out bod part will remove oil based formulas.
5. To keep from overdosing, switch fragrances from time to time your nose can become desensitized to your signature scent, and when you suddenly have to put on twice as much to be able to smell it yourself, you risk overpowering others.