Once upon a time a little girl was born. It was beautiful, lucky, smart and funny. It was the perfect soul uphealer, a family blessing and at the same time the busybody and the helter-skelter among her sisters and her brother.  As she grew up apart from her beauty she became one of the best and smartest student. At the age of 10, she was very attractive by the opposite gender and all the boys inside the class was in love with her. She used to be the most popular girl in the class since she became president at the students elections. When the little glory at the age of 10 came to surface she was proposed by a little and smart boy to become his girlfriend.

During the parties that were organized during the class year she used to dance unstoppable with the cutest outfit of all. At home, she used to change clothes every five minutes to find the best outfit for the specific occasion. She was the happiest kid of all and she wasn't in need of something extra to be happy. She was born happy. As she grew older and finished high school she tried to organize her life by going to college, find a part time job in a women's accessories store at the same time and she had also a boyfriend next to her for the quiet and relaxing  times. Not to mention she had a big family caring and loving her. Her family was constituted by two sisters that she happened to be in between and a big brother. Her parents had got a divorce in her early years and they used to live separately. The family was animal friendly which means that they always used to have pets/animals around them. (dogs, cats, birds, mouses,little water turtles and horses from time to time).

 Her father used to be a doctor working as much as possible since he loved his job. Her mother grew up the 4 kids with a manner that nothing was ever missing from home. When she finished college and got her degree in Business Administration and Marketing she decided to quit the part time job and moved in Milan for a Master's degree in Fashion Experience and Design Management. When the whole experience came to an end, she returned back in her homeland to discover what to do next. As she loved cultivating the mind she pursued a master's degree in Business Administration with concentration in Marketing and she starter working in a shipping company to earn a wage. In the year of 2012 the family had a big loss since the father went away and left an unfinished project in Santorini. This was a dialysis private clinic for patients with kidney failure. Her biggest sister and her struggled to provide ideas for the continuation of the project.  Through the years, she made her dream come true which was a pop up store with women's clothes and accessories inside a hotel in Santorini. As well as selling products decorated and drew by her. After all this life experience, Angela is at a turning point of her life, more balanced, practicing,yoga and pilates, calm and ready to pursue what life is about to bring to her. She enjoys drawing, follow new fashion trends, taking care of her dogs, living with the cutest mum of all since their brother and sister have created their own families,  listen to nice music and eating healthy. After all, one word that would describe my life so far would be a adventurous joyride.